Chinese Refractory Industry Production Condition Summary In the first half year of 2017

2019-01-18 09:20:46

1.Refractory Industry overall running conditions in Jan to Jun.,2017

 1).Refractory Production conditions

From Jan. to Jun., the whole national refractory production total amount is 9020.3 thousand tons, down by 14.70% at the same period of last year. Therein, the dense shaped products is 5706.6 thousand tons, down 18.20%, insulating products is 228.6 thousands tons, down 11.79%, unshaped refractory products is 3085.10 thousand tons, down 7.61%.

2). Refractory products export conditions

①.Basic refractory product export amount is 463.10 thousand ton, increased 12.68% at the same period of last year.

②.SiO2-Al2O3 refractory products export amount is 346.5 thousand ton, increased by 7.51%.

③. Other refractory products export amount is 44.9thousand tons, down 21.77%.


2.Main application industry production conditions

1). Steel Industry:

    Jan.-Jun. 2017,Overall national crude steel yield is 4.2billion tons, increased by 4.6%, steel products output is 5.5billion tons, increased by 1.1%

2).Building material:

 Jan.-Jun. 2017,Overall national cement yield is 11.13 billion tons,increased by 0.4%, plat glass output is 4.14billion (Wt.) carton, increased by 5.8%.

3).Non-ferrous metal industry

Jan.-Jun. 2017,Overall national yield of ten kinds of non-ferrous is 0.276 billion tons,increased by 7.2% at the same period of last year.


Chinese Refractory Industry Production Condition Summary

3.Refractory running characters in first half year of 2017

1). Output of refractory brought down continuously

Jan.-Jun. 2017,Overall national yield continuously brought down since 2015, the range of brought down is 14.70%.

Besides of refractory demand amount for infrastructure projects decreased,  the main reason for the refractory brought down is our government go into overdrive to the environmental renovation,result in some below to the standard of environmental-protecting enterprises stop production, and ore resources and refractory material lack, etc.

2). Export trade appear " 2 increase, 1 down" situation.

   On the first half year of 2017, the refractory material export quantity and amount increased by 26.63% and 6.22%, Export composite average price bring down 16.11%. The refractory products export quantity and amount increased by 8.07% and 2.41%, export average price bring down 5.24%.


4.Refractory key enterprises running situation  

 On the first half year of 2017,through the survey to 60 key enterprises running situation,it shows that output,sales amount and profit achieve growing, Accounts receivable situation brought down, features. But there still existed the below problems:

1). Running quality is much lower than the national average level.

2).Loss-making aspect and amount proportion of loss-making enterprise is still very serious.

3).Though the reduction range of the receivable accounts is very big, but it is still the main factor to influence the running safety of the production enterprise.

4).The running situation of enterprises distinguish very clearly.  

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