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ZHENGZHOU HUAXU REFRACTORY CO.,LTDis one largest industry manufacturer, which is mainly professionally jointing designing, R&D, Producing, Selling, Constructing, Maintaining of high grade basic refractories, etc. Full services together. 

We are mainly producing the basic shaped and unshaped refractory, which are widely used in the key zone of cement rotary kiln, steel metallurgy, non-ferrous melting furnace, glass furnace, etc., especially for magnesia-hercynite brick, periclase-spinel brick, special magnesia-chrome brick, special silican carbide brick, Special Hi-Al2O3 brick, High strength Castable, etc.,meantime we can supply the full set of refractory products and designing, producing, installing,maintaining service for 10000TPD new type of dry method cement kiln and new type of RH degasser furnaces.Our company are producing and managing strictly according to the ISO 9000 standard demand. Our product's quality is the same, even better than the one made by Japan, Germany, Russia, USA, ect..Our products have been used in the oversea famous 5000 and 10000 PTD new type of dry method cement rotary kiln, and working conditions are obviously excellent. Our products are long-termly exporting to Japan Nippon Steel, Russia Nizhny Tagil Steel and Iron, Switzerland Duferco Steel., Germany, Belgium, USA, etc. Over 20 countries and areas. We have also setup the branch in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, etc.