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What is the new type of dry method cement kiln features?

    New type of dry method cement kiln have the high working temperature in kiln body, much slower of kiln's turning speed, terrible basic material erosion, complicated structure, energy-saving demand

What is Basic Refractory Material?

    Usually, CaO and MgO as main chemical composition, the refractory material is called basic Refractory Material.

What is fire brick configuration for the nowadays large type?

    In the nowadays large type of cement rotary kiln configuration, the fire brick is mainly configured as follows:

     1. Front Kiln mouth: Special refractory castable for kiln mouth;

     2. Lower transition zone: Special Si-Mullite brick; 

     3.Sintering zone: MgO-Fe2O3 Spinel brick; 

     4 Upper transition zone: 1680Si-Mullite brick; 

     5.Preheating zone: 1650 Si-Mullite Birck; 

     6.Safety zone: Low thermal conductivity alkali-resisting mullite brick; 

     7. Back kiln mouth: FA-75 stainless steel strength refractory castable.

What is E-fused Magnesia sand?

    E-fused magnesia sand is also called E-fused MgO, besides of raw material of refractory high technology products, it is also used in the power industry, aerospace, nuclear industry, etc.E-fused magnes