Refractory Brick

Mullite Refractory Brick

1.High Refractoriness

2.Good Thermal Shock Resistance

3.Great Wear Resistance

4.Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient

5.high Thermal Conductivity

Product Details

Description of Mullite Refractory Brick


Mullite refractory bricks are made of synthetic fused mullite or sintered mullite, pressed by selected shaping processes, and fired in high temperature furnaces. Mullite bricks offer high density, low porosity, good hot strength, and good slag resistance. Mullite bricks are preferred for high temperature, high load applications, such as at the hot end of regenerative chambers of glass melters, the superstructure of the furnace, and the arch of glass fiber melters, due to their excellent thermal properties, excellent strength at high temperature, great resistance to thermal shock, etc.


Application of Mullite Refractory  Brick

Mullite refractory bricks are mainly used for top of hot blast stove, stack and bottom of the blast furnace, regenerative chamber of glass melter, ceramic post sintering kiln, furnace lining for dead angle of petroleum cracking and etc.

Technical Dates of Mullite Refractory Brick



Mullite Bricks

Al2O3 (%)


Bulk Density(g/cm3)


Apparent Porosity(%)

18% max

Cold Crushing Strength

90 Mpa min.

Thermal Shock Resistance

≥25 times (1000℃ water cooling)

Refractoriness Under Load:0.2MPa℃≥


Thermal Shock Conductivity(700℃)≤

1.5 W/m·k


1790℃ min

Service Temperature(℃)


Abrasion Resistance (℃)