Huxu New Product Special Mullite Composite Refractory Brick

2019-01-18 09:16:47


1.High RUL :The high Refractories Under Load can reach 1700 Deg.Cel. , make sure the brick not bend under high Temperature and High Strength at High Temperature, and can resist the crushing and wearing of high temperature material.

2.High Thermal Shock Stability:Under cool water of 1100 deg.cel term, the shocking times can reach 170 times, comparing to the 3-5times of Magnesia Chrome refractory brick.

3.High alkaline-resistance feature: After made the alkaline resisting destructive testing, the strength of the brick still reached 82MPa, two times than the one of magnesia chrome refractory brick.

Besides of these, it also have the high strength kiln coating adhering performance, and kiln coating adherence  could not be easily peeled off, and super low creep rate.

Application: Sintering zone and upper and lower transition zone of the rotary kiln.

From operation side, it has the Eco-Friendly, Energy saving, Longer working life features.

1. Eco-Friendly, No Metal Cr element, no Cr Pollution, according to the demand of Environment protecting of our country.

2. Better energy-saving (Insulation) Performance: The surface temperature of rotary kin body can bring down 50-100 deg.cel after taking our special refractory brick, energy-saving effect is very obviously.

3. Longer working life: Using our special refractory brick constructed, how long the rotary kiln is  working, we can make sure that no brick dropped during the working period of the kiln. Long time steady operating, long working life. Normal condition, the working life of it can be reached over 1 year.

  Besides, using our special refractory brick is very good for kiln-drying, and make sure fast finished within 8 hours, and could not cause explosion or peeled off to the kiln.

Instead of Magnesia-alumina spinal refractory brick, Magnesia-Hercynite brick, it will become the main refractory material used in the cement rotary kiln, both the wet and dry methods.

During the period of 2005 to 2006, we gained the patent for inventions issued by the National Bureau of Intellectual Property.

In 2006, Our product was first used in 4 plus 58 M dry cement rotary kiln in Yunnan Hongkong Shui On Co., Ltd.(Former Yunnan Honghe Cement Co.,Ltd.),Started from Mar.21,2008 firing to Mar.24, 2009, the furnace well run.When overhauled at Mar.24, 2009, we inspected the thickness of the furnace is 80-100MM, and no obvious peeled off on the surface of the furnace, until June, 2009, the furnace stopped working and changed the working line.

Our patent products can also be used in the large cement rotary kiln, Zinc Volatilizing kiln, limestone kiln, slag line of ladle.

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