Performance and main uses of thermal insulation silicon corundum bricks

2024-07-02 17:07:27

Thermal insulation silicon corundum bricks are widely used in the transition zone and cooling zone of large and medium-sized rotary kilns in building materials industries such as cement and lime.

Performance advantages:

1. Reduce the simplified temperature by more than 50 degrees Celsius to ensure the normal operation of thermal equipment and reduce the phenomenon of red kilns.

2. Improve the thermal efficiency of rotary kilns, save energy consumption, and enhance enterprise efficiency.

3. Overall performance is good, with a larger usage volume than composite products and a longer wear resistance cycle.

4. Reduce heat emissions and promote green energy conservation.

Its characteristic is to embed a specified area of insulation material on the cold surface of silicon corundum bricks. 60% of the cold area is occupied by the insulation product material, and the thermal conductivity of the insulation material is only 0.11W/(m.k) at 500 degrees Celsius, blocking heat transfer.

Thermal insulation silicon corundum bricks combine excellent properties such as high strength, high wear resistance, erosion resistance, heat shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, and energy conservation.

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